Beauty Bomb at ISSMAG Gallery / Moscow

Beauty Bomb

Varvara Vyvique, Pavel Polshchikov, Anna Nezhnaya, Olga Krykun, SPDPLF, Egor Giwe and Dishon Yuldash

curated by TZVETNIK

19 August – 12 September 2021

ISSMAG Gallery 

Malyy Karetny Alley, 9/1



Photography by Victor Nikishov

On August 19, ISSMAG opens its 4th project of a series of exhibitions curated by TZVETNIK (Vitaly Bezpalov, Natalya Serkova). With this exhibition series, TZVETNIK begins its exploration of the emergent environment of promising young Russian-speaking artists, many of whom are just beginning their careers. The curators set themselves the task of discovering new names in Russian contemporary art, showing young artists who are often not yet fully represented on the art scene and creating a discourse in the Russian art environment with connections to current trends in art. The roster of artists for this exhibition season was formed as a result of an open call which the curators, together with ISSMAG, announced in the fall of 2020. The shortlisted artists work across a variety of themes and gen-res, yet, in the curators’ perception, they share an interest in the latest formal and conceptual approaches to art, synchronicity with global trends and a desire to experiment.