Noemi Pfister at Tunnel Tunnel / Lausanne
Roman Selim Khereddine at Helmhaus / Zurich
Rodrigo Hernández at CarrerasMugica / Bilbao
Julia Selin at Matteo Cantarella / Copenhagen
Natacha Donzé at Parliament / Paris
Virginia Russolo at Shahin Zarinbal / Berlin
To Romanticize with Indecision at Cassina Projects / Milan
Santiago de Paoli at Meyer Riegger / Berlin
Dawn is Now Once Again at Greenfield Project Space / London
Philip Ullman at Goswell Road / Paris
Ana Raylander Mártis dos Anjos at Galeria Cavalo / Rio de Janeiro
April at FLⒶT$ / Bruxelles
Sylvain Gelewski at Sihl Delta / Zurich
Emmanuelle Lainé at Circuit / Lausanne
STOVE BY A WHALE at Staffordshire Street / London
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann at Galerie Noah Klink / Berlin
Erik Swars at One Minute Space / Athens, Greece
Leilei Wu at Improper Walls / Wien
Martin Chramosta at Cassata Drone Expanded Archive / Palermo, Italy